Wanted game coming

Seeing an opportunity to cash in on a franchise that scored big at the box-office, Universal is moving ahead on a video game based on their hit blockbuster WANTED. The studio will fully fund and produce the game, which is expected to hit PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in early 2009. Before you get excited about the prospects of a digital Angelina Jolie stepping naked out of a steam bath, know that the plot will pick up after the movie and focus on Wesley (James McAvoy) and all new adventures. Whether or not McAvoy will reprise his role and voice the character in the game remains to be seen. As you might expect, the game will make heavy use of the movie's gimmicks like curved bullets, slo-mo and "assassin time." Oddly enough, WANTED: THE GAME will be distributed by Warner Bros., the first time one studio has published a game produced by another studio. The good news is that Universal isn't rushing or skimping on the game and will spend "tens of millions of dollars" and is willing to push the game past the movie's DVD release in order to get a well-received game that will spawn numerous sequels.

Extra Tidbit: A video game based on a movie based on a comic. Now if only we could get a Broadway play mixed in there somewhere.
Source: Variety



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