Watch actors be uncomfortable in this Oscar roundtable

Remember when THR did that really cool director's roundtable a few weeks ago with James Cameron and Quentin Tarantino and Jason Reitman? Well, Newsweek's version of that with actors is similar, in the sense that it’s a hodgepodge of famous people, but in tone? It’s a little uh, awkward.

The actors featured are Sandra Bullock (THE BLIND SIDE), Jeff Bridges (CRAZY HEART), Morgan Freeman (INVICTUS), Carey Mulligan (AN EDUCATION), Gabby Sidibe (PRECIOUS) and Woody Harrelson (THE MESSENGER). At first I thought Harrelson was there for ZOMBIELAND, but sadly he’ll probably have to stick with an MTV Movie Award for that.

This video interview series is broken up into an annoyingly large number of segments, and as soon as they post them all in one uncut interview, I’ll post it, but I have a feeling they never will as it would be at least 60% awkward silence and chuckling. Listen to Morgan Freeman talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biceps below, or go here for the full video list.

Extra Tidbit: I think the fun level would have increased exponentially had they invited Christoph Waltz.
Source: Newsweek



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