Watchmen case done?

WATCHMEN There's been a promising development in the ongoing legal battle between Warner Bros. and Fox over the rights to the upcoming Alan Moore adapted, Zack Snyder directed WATCHMEN that may actually result in the film being released on March 6th. Apparently, both parties have requested an upcoming hearing be delayed because they've entered into a settlement discussion and it has so far been quite productive. Settlement talks started last week and concessions have apparently been made on both sides. What this basically means is that WB will likely be paying Fox a whole heap of money to end the lawsuit once and for all and have the move released on time. As of now, however, January 20th is still the date when federal judge Gary Feess gives his final ruling on the matter but if the settlement talks prove successful, we may be able to put this whole business behind us and see the movie the first week of March. Read Nikki Finke's take on it over HERE and Variety's HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Producer Larry Gordon also seems to be quite pissed off.
Source: VarietyDHD



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