Weekend Box-Office: December 17-19, 2010


Tron kicks Yogi Bear's arse...!!

TRON: LEGACY was finally released this past weekend (seems like we'd been plugging the film forever on the site) and scored a sizeable opening with $44M over its first three days of release. Not that you can really compare the "sequel" to its predecessor, but when the original TRON was released back in 1982, it opened with only $5M and finished up with $33M at the end of its entire theatrical run! The new film still has a way to go though, as it apparently cost around $170M to put together (and another $100M to market worldwide).

Only time will let us know if this strong opening was mostly made of geeks who won't be returning to see it 10 times in theaters, or if the film will have a more general appeal with a diverse audience. Last year at this time, a little film called AVATAR was released and opened with $77M and ultimately went on to make $760M when all was said and done (the highest grossing domestic movie of all-time, in case you weren't yet aware).

The two other new film openings didn't fare as well with YOGI BEAR making only $17M in its first weekend of release, although that film may continue to bring in the dollars over the holidays. It too was pretty expensive to put together though, with a final budget of around $80M. The other movie that opened this weekend was entitled HOW DO YOU KNOW and it had about as little appeal as any film I've seen released this year. I mean, even with 4 "name stars" above its title, the movie just looked "blah!" to me and apparently everyone else as well, as it opened in 8th place with only $8M in receipts. There's a good chance that it actually gets bounced out of the top 10 next week. Wow. I guess that's what happens when you take so much time off, Reesey!

The other two interesting films in the top 10 were THE FIGHTER, which after an amazing limited release went "wide" this past weekend, but didn't blow the box-office charts away. At least not yet. THE FIGHTER might be the kind of film that "picks up" steam over the holidays though, as the positive word of mouth continues. The other film that followed in similar footsteps was Darren Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN which also increased the total number of theaters in which it was shown this weekend, although not by as many as THE FIGHTER (SWAN was showing in about 950 theaters versus FIGHTER's 2,500 theaters). That said, BLACK SWAN had the 2nd highest "average per theater" figure in the top 10, after TRON: LEGACY ($12k versus $9k).

The latest HARRY POTTER flick dropped like a rock from 4th to 9th place this weekend, while the latest NARNIA flick also dropped from 1st to 3rd place, losing close to 50% of its audience from last weekend in the process. The 4 films to get kicked out of the top 10 this weekend included BURLESQUE ($35M), DUE DATE ($97M), LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS ($30M) and MEGAMIND ($142).

Next weekend sees the release of the final batch of "holiday" movies including the latest (and worst-looking) installment in the MEET THE PARENTS franchise called LITTLE FOCKERS (keep milking that one-trick joke, guys...sigh), as well as the latest interpretation of GULLIVER'S TRAVELS starring Jack Black this time around. The film that we're all stoked about at JoBlo.com headquarters is the latest Coen bros movie called TRUE GRIT. There are already 4 reviews for the film on MOVIE FAN CENTRAL and the average score is 9/10 so far. Not too shabby. So what film do you think will be #1 next weekend? VOTE NOW!!!

1. Tron: Legacy $ 43.6 Million
2. Yogi Bear $ 16.7 Million
3. The Chronicles of... $ 12.4 Million $ 42.7 Million
4. The Fighter $ 12.2 Million
5. The Tourist $ 8.7 Million $ 30.8 Million
6. Tangled $ 8.7 Million $ 127.8 Million
7. Black Swan $ 8.3 Million $ 15.7 Million
8. How Do You Know $ 7.6 Million
9. Harry Potter and... $ 4.8 Million $ 256.5 Million
20. Unstoppable $ 1.8 Million $ 77.3 Million




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