Weekend Box-Office: October 22-24, 2010


Paranormal Activity 2 leads the way..

The original PARANORMAL ACTIVITY was released last year under an umbrella of mystery and a budget of close to $15,000 and went on to gross over $107M and lead directly to its sequel one year later. The studio behind the film decided to keep things extremely secretive this time around as well (although its budget was closer to $3M this time around) and release it without frills (i.e. no 3D) and audiences seemed willing to ride along for a second year in a row as PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 crushed all competition this weekend with a grand $41M opening. The original film had opened with $20M last year.

Despite our two critics not diggin' the film at all (read Chris Bumbray's review HERE and the Arrow's review HERE), it seems as thought most critics enjoyed it (it's scoring 67% on Rotten Tomatoes) and most of our readers as well (it's averaging 7.1/10 on Movie Fan Central). I guess the main question now is whether or not the film will have "legs" and carry it past the original's total gross and/or whether the release of SAW 3D will greatly affect how much money it generates next weekend (also known as Halloween).

The weekend's other major release, the Clint Eastwood-directed HEREAFTER opened decently in 4th place with about $12M. Eastwood's films are generally geared toward adults and tend to have greater "legs" than most fly-by-night genre flicks. Speaking of which, last week's #1 movie JACKASS 3D had the greatest drop in the top 10 compared to the figures last week, losing close to 57% of its audience, although still managing to add another $22M to its total, which is now at $87M after only 10 days of release (it's to note that the original JACKASS made $64M and JACKASS 2 made $73M in their entire theatrical run).

Last week's #2 movie, RED, managed to stay strong this weekend losing only one spot and dropping to 3rd place while adding another $15M to its total. Both THE TOWN and EASY A remained in the top 10 despite being released six weeks ago, as THE TOWN closed in on the $85M mark, while EASY A reached the $55M mark. The two films to drop from the top 10 this week included Wes Craven's unfortunate MY SOUL TO TAKE ($14M) and WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS ($50M).

Next weekend is "Halloween weekend" and unlike previous years, we have a few horror movies vying for your dollars including this week's #1 movie, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2, which will attempt to keep scaring audiences next weekend, as well as the supposed "final" SAW movie entitled SAW 3D, and MONSTERS in limited release. Will you be checking out the latest SAW movie? VOTE NOW!!!

1. Paranormal Activity 2 $ 41.5 Million
2. Jackass 3D $ 21.6 Million $ 87.1 Million
3. Red $ 15 Million $ 43.5 Million
4. Hereafter $ 12 Million
5. The Social Network $ 7.3 Million $ 72.9 Million
6. Secretariat $ 6.9 Million $ 37.4 Million
7. Life as We Know It $ 6.2 Million $ 37.6 Million
8. Legend of the... $ 3.2 Million $ 50.2 Million
9. The Town $ 2.7 Million $ 84.7 Million
10. Easy A $ 1.8 Million $ 54.8 Million




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