Weekend Box-Office: October 8-10, 2010


Facebook movie outmatches TV stars 

It didn't look good on Saturday morning when the Friday night figures were announced and Katherine Heigl's awful-looking LIFE AS WE KNOW IT held the top spot over THE SOCIAL NETWORK (although only by a few hundred thousand dollars), but thankfully sanity restored itself over the rest of the weekend as David Fincher's film managed to tackle the #1 spot away from Heigl & Co., assuring itself of a second straight weekend in the top spot. The Facebook movie apparently had the smallest percentage second weekend decline for any #1 movie this year (30%). Looks like it has "legs"....

The weekend's other 2 big releases didn't fare as well though with the latest "horse movie" entitled SECRETARIAT finishing in 3rd place with close to $13M, while Wes Craven's latest debacle MY SOUL TO TAKE, could only manage $7M and a 5th place opening. Of the 3 new releases, only SECRETARIAT had a score of 60% or higher on Rotten Tomatoes (65%) with only 29% of critics agreeing that LIFE AS WE KNOW IT was worth seeing and only 8% believing the same of MY SOUL TO TAKE. 

It seemed like audiences were more interested in seeing previously released movies like THE SOCIAL NETWORK, LEGEND OF THOSE KOOKY OWLS and THE TOWN, with all three films losing only about 30-35% of its audience from last weekend. THE SOCIAL NETWORK has already grossed close to $50M in its first 10 days of release, while LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS is at $40M right now. Ben Affleck's movie has the highest gross total in the top 10 with $74M, and is still sitting in 6th place after one full month of release.

The three films to get booted from the top 10 in order to make room for the three new movies included LET ME IN which shockingly got bounced after only 10 days in theaters and $9M in grosses (maybe they shoulda released it closer to Halloween?), DEVIL ($30M) and ALPHA AND OMEGA ($21M).

Next week sees the release of only 2 major movies including the thriller RED starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman (which our own Arrow caught at the Fantastic Fest and approved), as well as the final part of the trilogy that we've all been waiting for: JACKASS 3D starring...well, a bunch of fun-loving jackasses! Our question of the week is about Johnny Knoxville and his crew: What's your take on JACKASS 3D? VOTE NOW!!!

1. The Social Network $ 15.5 Million $ 46.1 Million
2. Life as We Know It $ 14.6 Million
3. Secretariat $ 12.6 Million
4. Legend of the... $ 7 Million $ 39.4 Million
5. My Soul to Take $ 6.9 Million
6. The Town $ 6.4 Million $ 73.8 Million
7. Wall Street: Money... $ 4.6 Million $ 43.7 Million
8. Easy A $ 4.2 Million $ 48.1 Million
9. Case 39 $ 2.6 Million $ 9.6 Million
10. You Again $ 2.5 Million $ 20.7 Million




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