Weitz Helms New Moon

So this whole TWILIGHT thing cannot be further off my radar, but apparently for some, the following is kind of a big deal. Chris Weitz, the director of THE GOLDEN COMPASS, has signed on to direct to the sequel to TWILIGHT called NEW MOON.

Eventhough TWILIGHT has grossed over 140 million worldwide, Catherine Hardwicke--the film's director--clashed with the studio throughout the film's shooting and therefor was not brought back. Apprently Weitz is a lot easier to work with. Weitz also directed AMERICAN PIE with his brother Paul and wrote and directed ABOUT A BOY. Clearly he knows a thing or two about working within the Hollywood system, so here's to happy times ahead for the Twilight franchise. On a personal note, I want to shout out to my girlfriend for not giving a f*ck about these movies. Love you!
Extra Tidbit: Chris Weitz starred in the indie film CHUCK & BUCK...a narrative film as far away from mainstream Hollywood as it gets.
Source: EW



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