Welcome to the Jungle, Jamie Foxx.

Grammy and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx will be lending his talents as producer and star of a new cartoon feature from 20th Century Fox Animation entitled WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE.

The film comes from a pitch made by Foxx and scribe Malcolm Spellman (OUR FAMILY WEDDING) who will be writing the screenplay. The story, however, is being kept under tight wraps, with the screenwriter providing only the barest and most uninformative of hints: "Life is a jungle and welcome to it." C'mon, man. This isn't INCEPTION now is it?

Spellman at least elaborates a little on Foxx's involvement: "I'm psyched about 'Welcome to the Jungle' because it's specifically built to utilize Jamie's talent with voices and as a musician." It certainly will be a bukkake of creativity on Foxx's part as Variety adds that the man will be writing original music for the film as well.

Foxx will next be seen later this year alongside Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. in the Todd Phillips comedy DUE DATE. He will also co-star alongside Bruce Willis in KANE & LYNCH, based on the video game of the same name.
Extra Tidbit: Seriously, there are not enough LOLs in the world for Ron Howard's inclusion in this.
Source: Variety



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