Wes Anderson does AT&T

THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS was so good that it has given Wes Anderson a free pass in my book. He'll never make a film that's so bad I decide to hate him. Today though, we aren't talking about his films, we're talking about his genius venture into the field of advertisements. If you didn't see the guy's incredible "My Life, My Card" ad for American Express, go check that out HERE before proceeding.

Ready? It was good, right? Well today he's back with another five commercials that he made for AT&T that are “designed to highlight how AT&T helps connect people to their worlds wherever they live and work.” They're done in a single shot and are quite impressively made. Click HERE to see 'em. It's a pity Anderson isn't in any of them though, he was the bomb in MASTERCARD. Anderson's new flick THE DARJEELING LIMITED gets a limited release on 29th September and stars Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman and Owen Wilson.
Extra Tidbit: Anderson's next flick will be an adaptation of THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX by Roald Dahl, with George Clooney as the lead!
Source: /Film



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