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What are Jesse and Walt up to in this picture taken from the set of Breaking Bad?


Yo bitch! I deliver when it comes to BREAKING BAD. This scoop I have for you thanks to our own Moreno.

Aaron Paul has been taking some interesting photos on Instagram. Is this where we get our news now? Who cares! This pic that Paul took from the set is awesome and not to mention another massive tease. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? What's going on here?

This was the caption that went with the photo: "It's going down on Breaking Bad right now! Shit is getting crazy!!!!!

Some people have said it is spoilery. Personally I don't think so, but just in case I'm going to post a pic of Cranston in character as Heisenberg that Paul took before the one I'm actually talking about.

Extra Tidbit: I hope that someone does recaps of BREAKING BAD on our site like we do GAME OF THRONES.
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