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What happens when the director of 2012 takes on Shakespeare? Watch this trailer...


Roland Emmerich is not known for his dramatic sensibilities. He's honestly not known for much other than making big-budget, low plot, FX-driven spectacles that are mostly terrible but make lots of money anyway. His ability to make money granted him at least one vanity project and he's used that to test out the dramatic waters...of Shakespeare.

It might seem a giant leap to go from 2012, a movie about the end of the world, to a movie set in the world of William Shakespeare but rest assured, there's a lot of bad CGI in here too (for no real reason either). And before you get too worried, ANONYMOUS is not an adaptation of any of Shakespeare's actual work but a hypothetical tale operating under the assumption that Shakespeare never actually wrote anything.

The trailer is now online and well, I'll just leave this here...

Source: JoBlo.com



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