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What's up, tampons?! Watch Jonah Hill do some babysitting in the red band trailer for The Sitter


Imagine if ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING started with some cunnalingius then suddenly became a detrimental trip to get laid. But on that trip the babysitter is an overweight male in his twenties who has to take three asshole kids to a party in pursuit of said vagina. That's sort of THE SITTER in a nutshell.

The intro for the trailer from Hill is pretty hilarious and so is the trailer. Ari Graynor is going to be a definite highlight in this along with Sam Rockwell. Check it out for yourself below.

"Jonah Hill as “The Sitter” is the last person you want watching your kids. But this time, The Sitter has met his match in three manipulative brats. When a shady endeavor he finds himself in goes bad, The Sitter and the malevolent youngsters embark on a wild chase through Manhattan."

Source: IGN



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