Whether vampire vigilantes or zombie superheroes, the new trailer for The Revenant is comedy-horror gold

Do you remember the movie DEAD HEAT with Joe Piscopo and Treat Williams? You know, the one where they played cops arresting zombies? No, it was pretty funny, check it out. Take the idea of zombie cops and make it a pair of layabout dudes who happen to become undead and decide to take the law into their own hands. What do you get? THE REVENANT.

THE REVENANT has been making the film festival rounds over the last year or so and is finally getting a theatrical release this month. To go with it, we have the new trailer for the film. Check it out.

Plot: This breakout horror comedy centers around a fallen soldier who somehow finds he has joined the ranks of the living dead. Bart Gregory (Anders) has just recently been laid to rest - so why is he still up and walking around? The only person Bart can turn to for answers is his best friend Joey (Wylde), and before long the two pals have surmised that blood is life. In order to survive, Bart requires a steady supply of it. Convinced that no one will miss the drug dealers and killers who have transformed LA into a swirling cesspool of crime and vice, the two friends decide to do law enforcement a favor by cleaning up the streets while collecting the precious blood needed to keep poor Bart from withering away into dust!

David Anders will always be Sark from ALIAS to me, but he looks good in this movie. Chris Wylde looks pretty funny too. I just can't tell if they are zombies or vampires.

THE REVENANT hits limited release and on demand on August 24th.



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