Who might get a shot at directing Ouija?

Well it looks like the OUIJA movie is getting pushed up. This is due to the fact that STRETCH ARMSTRONG starring Taylor Lautner got shoved back to 2013.

Deadline reports that Universal is currently talking with potential directors for the project. Right now the three rumored directors up for the gig are Pierre Morel (TAKEN), Sylvain White (THE LOSERS), and Scott Stewart (PRIEST).

We did mention last Wednesday that Morel was the lead candidate to helm the film. My pick would definitely be Morel. The script comes from TRON: LEGACY and LOST writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. There's really been no plot outline per say, the only thing that we know is that it will be more action-adventure with horror elements.

The film has a decent sized budget going for it between $80-$100 million. The plan is to start shooting next Summer and release around Thanksgiving 2012.

Deadline says that Universal should decide on a director within the next few weeks.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone have any interesting Ouija experiences? Other than your friend going, "Dude, I was totally moving it the whole time. I was just f*cking with you."
Source: Deadline



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