Who's Spidey on stage?

You might have heard that Spider-Man is coming to Broadway in a musical directed by Julie Taymor (ACROSS THE UNIVERSE). While this is a fundamentally flawed idea, it's moving ahead and about two weeks ago they held an open casting call in New York City to try and find their Peter Parker. While Freddie Prinze, Jr. didn't show up in red tights, it's almost that bad. New York Magazine has a bunch of headshots from actors in consideration as well as brief bios and I'm starting to think I took Tobey Maguire for granted. They range from emo, to metrosexual, to effeminate, to really, really effeminate. One of them lists Clay Aiken as their favorite music while another has a song from Footloose. At least two think they should get their part because they're gay and they relate to Peter's struggle for acceptance. Another says he wears Spider-Man underoos so, ya know, he should be a shoe-in. But those are all minor concerns - none of them look like a Peter Parker in the slightest (though one kid does look like Parker when he goes emo-evil in SPIDER-MAN 3). I wish all these guys the best with their careers but hopefully they can find someone who has, oh I don't know, even a passing resemblance to the character. Check it out for yourself here.

Extra Tidbit: Bono and The Edge of U2 are writing the "Spider-Man" songs. *Shudder*.



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