Who's the new red autobot in Transformers 3?

It's a new transformer!

You trade in two "racist" autobots and get a jacked up red jeep for TRANSFORMERS 3.

I'm sort of interested in how all this crazy is going to pan out. There's a new chick who looks semi-hot from certain angles, John Malkovich is thrown in the mix, and there's this really insane opening that they want to do inspired by Spielberg. This is just an average day for Michael Bay. The man probably injects himself with snake venom or something. Everything he does is on this massive testosterone fueled scale.

The new autobot goes by the name "Rollbar". He was first introduced to the world of Transformers in 1987 as part of the Autobot Throttlebot Team. Rollbar has sort of evolved and become different things over the years since his introduction. He's also got a bit of an attitude. One of his motto's is, "Front wheel drive is for sissies."

Check him out below.

Extra Tidbit: Sir Ben Kingsley's fake audition for TF3 was awesome.



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