Wild Hogs poster

WIld Hogs Unlike the last time we brought you news concerning the biker comedy WILD HOGS, this bit of news, which involves Moviefone's premiering of the right-pictured official poster for the film, isn't quite as jarring, though still somewhat disturbing. After all, John Travolta, Bill Macy, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence are, in fact, decked out head to toe in biker gear and there's the ever terrifying prospect of biker-related shenanigans looming menacingly over every inch of the poster. At least they all look appropriately uncomfortable in the biker gear, which seemingly extends beyond their own characters' discomfort in that they themselves seem to be thinking "are we seriously wearing leather biker jackets? Is this what it's come to? Seriously?" with Travolta in particular likely thinking "Those assholes said they'd wear a bandana too! Goddamn them!" Get the full high res poster over HERE. These four crazy characters embark on a fun-filled biking adventure March 2nd.

Extra Tidbit: WILD HOGS director Walt Becker also directed the comedy VAN WILDER.
Source: Moviefone



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