Will Jennifer Aniston be the first person killed off in Scream 4?

I'd say it's a privilege to be killed off within the first 5 minutes of any SCREAM film. First it happened with Drew Barrymore, then Jada Pinkett Smith, and in the last installment it was Kelly Rutherford.

But will Courteney Cox's best friend, Jennifer Aniston be the next in line?

First of all, I'll say this is a big fat rumor. However, it is an interesting one. But whenever Cox is starring in a film, there's always some stupid rumor that Aniston will share a scene with her in some capacity. The source of this news is Star Magazine. One of the many gossip rags you see at your local supermarket with headlines like, "Angelina and Brad divorce over threesome gone wrong. Details inside!".

An "insider" says that Aniston will play the role of the woman killed off within the first five minutes, a trademark of the series. Cox really wants to get Aniston involved in the production because the films have been a huge part of her career.

If this happens it would be the first time Aniston has been in a horror film since her film debut in 1993's LEPRECHAUN. How do you feel about this? Good, bad, whatever?

Extra Tidbit: How many of you actually enjoyed SCREAM 3? I fear I am all alone.
Source: Star Magazine



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