Will Matthew Vaughn direct Bloodshot?

I figure you can just file this under whatever the hell you want to, at least until we get a true confirmation. But if you're like me you enjoy hearing any comic/movie news that comes along.

Latino Review's source Pinche Taco is saying that he has it under good authority that Matthew Vaughn will direct Valiant comics Bloodshot.

However, Bloodshot was re-booted in 1994 when Valiant comics launched under the name Acclaim Comics. The film will skip Volume One and go straight to the story of Volume Two. The Volume Two story was part of the re-boot under Acclaim.

This volume will bring Angelo Mortalli back into the world as the re-animated killing machine called Bloodshot. He was meant to be used as a weapon, but broke free from his makers. Bloodshot uses nano technology, which turns out to be these sentient beings that provoke him into a trance in order to communicate with him directly. Operatives of a secret agency are hired by the company that made Bloodshot to hunt down and capture him. Bloodshot fights against everyone in the struggle to survive and find out who he is.

Vaughn apparently is writing the adaption with partner Jane Goldsman who also helped pen KICK-ASS as well as STARDUST.

Extra Tidbit: Vaughn was set to direct X-MEN: LAST STAND as well as THOR, but dropped out of both.
Source: Latino Review



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