Wright talks Ant-Man

Were it possible to fry slices of gold, filmmaker Edgar Wright is certainly the man to do it -- anyone who worships SPACED, SHAUN OF THE DEAD or HOT FUZZ would probably use the term "genius" to describe the guy. He's literally scaling things down for a flick based on Marvel's diminutive superhero ANT-MAN, but what's he got in mind for the tiny bug champ?

Wright is still early in the process (ANT-MAN is one of several projects he's juggling, including THEM and SCOTT PILGRIM), but tells Moviehole that he's researching nanotechnology, which may be the catalyst for his mini-man. He also reveals he's been attached to a potential ANT-MAN flick since before SHAUN, and that he's writing it without the input of longtime collaborator Simon Pegg.

During the engaging interview, Wright also offers opinions on Vin Diesel, action movies, mustaches, and the downfall of Steven Seagal. CLICKY to read the whole thing!
Extra Tidbit: Wright has made several appearances on the BBC TV series LOOK AROUND YOU, a hilarous straight-faced spoof of classroom educational videos.
Source: Moviehole.net



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