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Best Selling DVDs/Blu-Rays on (December 2012)

December was another great month in terms of the best-selling Blu-Rays & DVDs list which included no less than 2 DARK KNIGHT titles in the top four, as well as three "collections" which were surely popular during the Christmas holidays: THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY , BOND 50 and INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES . We also got a...
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DVD/Blu-ray release dates and details for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 and Resident Evil: Retribution

So as it turns out, the release details on these two movies are a bit unbalanced in terms of content - for one we have the final DVD/Blu-ray art and a general description of what goodies the discs will contain, while for the other we have no art but plenty of specificity involving what goodies the discs will contain.  Hopefully we'll have updates soon enough for you on those elements...
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