A Quiet Place: Day One trailer was shown at CinemaCon, film is set in New York City

John Krasinski showed a teaser trailer for A Quiet Place: Day One at CinemaCon, revealing the film is set in New York City

Sometimes horror franchises go to space, and sometimes they go to New York City. Earlier this year, Ghostface headed to New York in Scream VI, following in the footsteps of Jason Voorhees and 1989’s Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. And during the Paramount presentation the CinemaCon convention today, A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II director John Krasinski revealed that the sci-fi horror A Quiet Place franchise is heading to New York with its latest entry, A Quiet Place: Day One!

While Krasinski directed the previous two films himself, for A Quiet Place: Day One he has passed the helming duties over to Michael Sarnoski, director of the Nicolas Cage drama Pig (watch it HERE). Jeff Nichols (Midnight Special) was attached to write and direct A Quiet Place: Day One for a while, but when he dropped out he was replaced by Sarnoski. The story does take place in the same world established in the first two movies, but doesn’t involve the Abbott family, the characters we followed through the first two movies.

The film stars 12 Years a Slave Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o. She is joined in the cast by Joseph Quinn – better known as Eddie Munson from the most recent season of Stranger Things – and Alex Wolff (Hereditary).

Krasinski showed the first trailer for A Quiet Place: Day One to CinemaCon attendees, and here’s what JoBlo’s own Chris Bumbray had to say about it: “Set in NYC – the loudest city on earth! Saw the first trailer and it’s pretty unique. While just a teaser you get a sense of how the aliens laid waste to the major cities. Looks intense and on a bigger scale than the other ones. The director of Pig made it and looks like he did a great job.

Variety has a description: In the eerie, nearly-silent teaser, Nyong’o is seen roaming the streets of Manhattan, which has just suffered a mysterious attack. In the background, the familiar echolocation siren of the horrifying sound-hunting creatures taunts the inhabitants of the Big Apple and threatens their way of living. The minutes-long teaser is also stuffed with explosions and upsetting footage of survivors attempting to hide — under cars or elsewhere — from the deadly monsters. Only some are successful.

Paramount has A Quiet Place: Day One scheduled for a March 8, 2024 theatrical release, and A Quiet Place Part III (which Krasinksi will be returning to direct) will follow in 2025.

Deadline’s sources said that after seeing Pig and being blown away by the film, Krasinski was quick to put Sarnoski on the short list of directors to take a meeting for the project. While insiders say Sarnoski’s vision for the film was still his own and different from what Krasinski had done with the first two, he still gave a pitch that fit the tone of the world they had created and felt he was the perfect fit for their next installment.

Krasinski is producing A Quiet Place: Day One under his Sunday Night banner, while Michael Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller produce through their company Platinum Dunes. Krasinski’s Sunday Night partner Allyson Seeger serves as executive producer.

Are you looking forward to A Quiet Place: Day One? What do you think of the film having a New York City setting? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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