Aaron Eckhart and the Red Woman deal with demons in Incarnate trailer

Last Updated on July 31, 2021


I once believed in Harvy Dent, but ever since Aaron Eckhart left Gotham City following THE DARK KNIGHT, the promise of Eckhart has a leading man in feature films has been diminishing. Every new movie he's attached to raises the possibility of "What if this is that good one that turns things around?" and then it doesn't happen. But with a fresh look at INCARNATE, which stars Eckhart and Carice van Houten (the Red Woman on GAME OF THRONES), well… What if…?

INCARNATE is yet another demonic possession flick, because Lord knows we haven't had enough of them in recent years. But in this upcoming movie from WWE Studios and Blumhouse, there is at least a fresh twist on the horror sub-genre… The demon is fought in the possessed's subconscious by a scientist rather than another priest or overzealous parent. It reminds me a bit of the 1984 flick DREAMSCAPE that did something similar. Hey… At least it's something new, right? 

We still get a number of demon tricks that are typical for these types of movies, but… who knows? Maybe this will be the good one that turns things around for Eckhart, right?

INCARNATE can be found in theaters on December 2.


Source: WWE Studios

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