Angela Sarafyan: King Knight Interview

I had the pleasure of speaking with Angela Sarafyan about her offbeat role in Richard Bates Jr.’s latest film King Knight, and she gave some pretty great insight about how became involved and what it was like working on the movie.

Angela Sarafyan plays Willow in the film, the life partner of Matthew Gray Gubler’s, Thorn. Gubler’s character is the leader of a coven of witches that must confront his own past, including his looming high school reunion and his estranged mother. As Thorn rediscovers who he is, his coven must discover who they are without Thorn.

As Willow, Angela gets to play one of the best characters in the film. During our chat, we talked about how she became involved with the film (her brother actually read it first due to her being in a wardrobe fitting for Westworld, how she approached playing Willow, her relationship with Richard Bates Jr. after working with him, and much more!

King Knight is now available on digital and on-demand!

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