Ray Wise: King Knight Interview

Ray Wise has been a legend in this industry for years as he has appeared in many cult classics across his career. Wise is lending an assist, once again, to Richard Bates Jr. in his latest film King Knight. The duo has worked together before and it’s a working relationship Ray Wise will maintain as long as he’s able to.

In the film, Thorn (Matthew Gray Gubler) is a leader of a coven of witches that must confront his own past as his looming high school reunion approaches. As Thorn rediscovers who he is, his coven must discover who they are without Thorn.

Wise plays Merlin in the film, a figure that Thorn is inspired by and is not really like the Merlin we all know. Thorn has visions of Merlin as he goes on his journey of rediscovery and who best than Ray Wise to bring this character to life. When I spoke with the actor, he talked about how he began working with Richard Bates Jr. (his dad was a huge fan of Ray Wise), what it’s like working with the director, and much more!

King Knight is now available on digital and on-demand.

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