Capwolf & the Howling Commandos werewolf comic book coming from Marvel in October

Marvel will be releasing the first issue of the four-part limited series Capwolf & the Howling Commandos this October

Back in 1992, in the pages of Captain America #405, readers got to see the titular hero get turned into a werewolf – and of course this werewolf version of the character was called Capwolf. This October, in the midst of the Halloween season, Marvel Comics will be resurrecting Capwolf with the four-issue limited series Capwolf & The Howling Commandos!

AIPT Comics got the exclusive first look at the cover for Capwolf & The Howling Commandos, and you can check it out at the bottom of this article.

Written by Stephanie Phillips and sporting artwork by Carlos Magno, the limited series has the following synopsis: When Captain America is transformed into a werewolf on the front lines of World War II, he’ll need the help of the Howling Commandos to take down a band of Nazi cultists who intend to use supernatural forces to turn the tide of battle. But can Cap control the skeptical, jaded Commandos when he can barely control himself?

Phillips provided the following statement: “This is the kind of story I was dying to tell at Marvel, blending my love of historical fiction with the incredible history of the characters in the Marvel Universe. CapWolf and the Howling Commandos may be a war story, but it also has horror, romance, and a few new characters that we introduce along the way. And just wait until you see Carlos Magno’s incredible artwork on this series…

The first issue of Capwolf & The Howling Commandos is scheduled to reach store shelves on October 11th, and it sounds like it will make for perfect October reading. Somehow I missed out on the first appearance of Capwolf back in ’92, even though I was a dedicated comic book reader and comic shop regular at the time and a Captain America werewolf comic would have fit in perfectly with my stack of Ghost Rider, Spirits of Vengeance, Morbius, Darkhold, Nightstalkers, and Doctor Strange comics. I will definitely be checking out this limited series.

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And while you’re scrolling down, take a look at this cover with art by Ryan Brown:

Capwolf & the Howling Commandos

Source: AIPT Comics

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