Celebrity auctions lets you dine with the Mr. Show team, get a custom Bob’s Burger song and more

A new series of auctions from Free the Work lets fans bid on cool experiences and autographed items from their favorite stars.

Last Updated on September 29, 2023


The list of what actors can do during the SAG-AFTRA strike without officially crossing the picket line can be argued as being pretty lax. Now the floodgates are open, as a collection of auctions is giving fans the chance to put some Hollywood names to work…What, you don’t want Lena Dunham painting a mural in your house?

Through a series by Free the Work — described as a “global community of underrepresented creators changing the lens through which we look at [diversity and inclusion] and production” — people can bid on a number of auctions to share unique experiences with some of their favorite actors and shows. Here is a selection of listings, along with current bids as of publication:

Bob Odenkirk & David Cross will Join you for Dinner ($10,000): “You and a guest can enjoy an in-person dining experience with Mr. Show creators and real-life besties Bob Odenkirk & David Cross in New York or Los Angeles. If you can’t travel, you will dine over Zoom with delivery from your favorite local restaurant.”

Adam Scott Walks your Dog for 1-HR (LA Based Doggies Only) ($2,500): “You know how you love your dog more than anyone in the world and would do anything for them? Turns out Adam Scott would too, which is why he has offered to walk your dog for up to one hour! Oh, and you can join too if you want, no big deal. Make all the other dogs in the dog park seethe with adorable dog envy!” Maybe you can grill him on the real reason Party Down was canned?

Natasha Lyonne Will Help You Solve the New York Times Sunday Crossword ($6,100): “A fifteen minute existential conversation with Natasha Lyonne and her dog Rootbeer while doing the Wednesday NYT crossword puzzle.” Hopefully she has some real pointers because we already know that “asp” will show up…

The Cast of Bob’s Burgers Will Sing a Song Written Just for You ($7,200): “The cast of Bob’s Burgers will sing a personalized and improvised song for you including Bob & Linda, Tina, Gene & Louise, Teddy & more. Additionally, this custom video comes with a SAG-AFTRA Strike sign hand drawn by Bob’s animator Simon Chong with your favorite characters and a special message.”

But it’s not just once-in-a-lifetime experiences, as Free the Work also has autographed items up for auction, like an apron from The Bear signed by Jeremy Allen White, a signed fedora by legendary singer-songwriter Tom Waits and more. You can check out the entire list here.

What do you think of the auctions? What is the coolest opportunity or item up for bidding?

Source: Free the Work

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