Creator Jonathan Ames says Bored to Death movie is still alive

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After airing for three seasons, HBO cancelled Bored to Death in 2011, however in 2013 it was reported that the network was developing a television movie to wrap up the series. There hasn't been much movement on the project since then, but creator Jonathan Ames provided an update on it during a conversation with Collider about his new show Blunt Talk, and Ames says eventually he is going to write a third draft of the script. Ames also teased Jason Schwartzman's appearance on Blunt Talk.

What I like is that, in some ways, it’s still very much alive, people keep asking me about it, which is great. I’ve written two drafts of a Bored to Death movie, but I don’t know that they’re quite right so I’m going to take a third crack at it at some point. But we do have Jason Schwartzman in this first season of Blunt Talk. Again, that was a very memorable scene. I don’t want to give too much away but Jason has always reminded me of a young Al Pacino, so we have an homage to Dog Day Afternoon with [him] and Patrick. So, for fans of Bored to Death, you’ll have a little bit of Jason Schwartzman, and other characters that were on that show. I had the actors – Brett Gelman, John Hodgman – different characters, wonderful characters in Blunt Talk.

Although this obviously doesn't mean a TV movie will definitely happen, it's still good news for Bored to Death fans, and even if HBO decides not to move forward with it, it's possible the film could end up being picked up by a different network, or a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. What would you like to see in a Bored to Death movie?

Jonathan Ames' Blunt Talk starring Patrick Stewart will premiere on Starz tomorrow at 9pm ET.

Source: Collider

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