Fortress trailer: Bruce Willis vs. Chad Michael Murray in December

A couple weeks ago, JoBlo’s own Steve Seigh shared an image of Bruce Willis from the upcoming film The Fortress 2… which came as a surprise to me, because I hadn’t even heard of the first Fortress. As it turns out, that’s because the first Fortress hasn’t been released yet – but a trailer has arrived online to let us know that Lionsgate is giving Fortress a VOD and limited theatrical release on December 17th. The trailer can be seen in the embed above.

These Fortress movies are two-thirds of a trilogy that were shot back-to-back-to-back from May to November this year. Filming on Fortress 3 just wrapped a few days ago. They’re coming to us from Emmett/Furla Films, the production company Willis seems to make multiple movies for every single year.

Directed by James Cullen Bressack from a script by Alan Horsnail, the first Fortress has the following synopsis:

In this dazzling action cyber-thriller film, Bruce Willis plays Robert, a retired CIA agent living at a secret resort in the woods. One day, his estranged son drives into the camp for a visit — but he’s followed by Robert’s old nemesis, Balzary (Chad Michael Murray). As the site is besieged by Balzary’s attack squad, father and son retreat to a high-tech bunker. But are its steel walls and advanced weapons of the bunker powerful enough to match Balzary’s bloodthirsty plans for revenge?

Willis and Murray are joined in the cast by Jesse Metcalfe, Shannen Doherty, Sean Kanan, Kelly Greyson, and Ser’Darius Blain.

There’s clearly an audience for these Willis/Emmett/Furla projects, or else they wouldn’t keep pumping them out at such a steady pace. Everyone probably knows what to expect from them by now, so if you like these movies, here’s another one of these movies that you like. It’s fascinating to see – Willis appears to have given up on acting, yet he’s making more movies than ever.

Fortress Bruce Willis Chad Michael Murray

Source: Arrow in the Head

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