Ghoulies director and screenwriter planning to revive the franchise with a new trilogy and book series

The writer/director of the original Ghoulies and his co-writer are working on a franchise revival with a film trilogy and book series


Four years ago, we heard that Luca Bercovici, who wrote and directed the 1984 creature feature Ghoulies, and his co-writer Jefery Levy were trying to get Ghoulies franchise rights holder Sony Pictures to let them reboot the franchise. Now a press release has revealed that Bercovici and Levy have officially reclaimed the domestic rights to Ghoulies and have big plans for the franchise, including making a new trilogy of films!

According to the press release, “The plan is to develop a new film trilogy for a new generation. The team is expanding the Ghoulies universe beyond the silver screen with a book series that will plunge readers into the darkest depths of the Ghoulies universe. Fans can look forward to bringing home a piece of the Ghoulies universe with an exclusive line of figures, apparel, and collectibles for every devotee of the delightfully demonic Ghoulies.

Bercovici and Levy are working with screenwriter Theo Lemasters to make this all happen. The press release says they’re “poised to unleash an unparalleled wave of horror fun” that will “keep audiences wallowing in filthy horror fun for many years to come.”

The original Ghoulies had the following synopsis: As a child, Jonathan was almost killed by his father, Malcolm, during a satanic ritual. After being saved and raised by Wolfgang, who has kept him unaware of his background, Jonathan inherits Malcolm’s house and moves in with girlfriend Rebecca. During a party, he jokingly performs a ceremony described in one of his father’s books on black magic, not realizing he has unleashed small, demonic creatures known as “Ghoulies.”

Ghoulies (watch it HERE) was followed by three sequels: Ghoulies II (1987), Ghoulies Go to College (1991), and Ghoulies IV (1994). Then the franchise went dormant for thirty years… which is ridiculous. These movies are fun, and it’s been way too long since those little, demonic ghoulies have made their way across our screens. So I’m very glad to hear that Bercovici, Levy, and Lemasters are working to breathe new life into this series.

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Ghoulies II

Source: AP News

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