Happy Death Day director helming Blumhouse’s Scream reboot?

Last month we got word (a rumor) that Blumhouse was developing HAPPY DEATH DAY 3 with writer-director Christopher Landon. But then the filmmaker dismissed the rumor over on Twitter. Weak. While that was a major bummer, today we're hearing that Landon's new Blumhouse horror movie begins shooting in Atlanta this October… (WARNING: INCOMING RUMOR) .. and it MIGHT be that SCREAM reboot Blumhouse has been teasing…

The SCREAM connection comes from our buddies over at Discussing Film who write: 

.. there is a possibility that it could be an existing IP that is being kept under wraps, given the vague plot details, it could even be the ‘Scream’ reboot that Blumhouse has discussed.

The "vague plot details" center on the film's slim synopsis which involves "a killer who wreaks havoc in a small town." Plus, back in February, Blumhouse head honcho, Jason Blum said he's had talks about taking over the SCREAM and HELLRAISER franchises, teasing:

Yes, we definitely have [discussed it]. We're looking – there's nothing happening with either one of those things – but we're definitely looking at it, and it's definitely something I'd be open to.

Now all of this is still flimsy at best – I know this – but still, when I hear anything about Blumhouse's possible SCREAM reboot, I pass along word. That's the way our relationship works. Take it or leave it, my friends.

But that said, after the one-two punch of HAPPY DEATH DAY and HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U, I'm always up for finding out what Landon's new film is either way. And, come one, people. Landon is a dam-near perfect choice to take the helm of a SCREAM reboot. 

But whatever ends up happening with Landon's new Blumhouse horror movie, we will make sure to keep up to date on it and pass along word as soon as we hear anything further. Until then, who would YOU like to see helm a Blumhouse SCREAM reboot? Let us know below!

Source: Discussing Film

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