3 minute red-band trailer for JCVD action flick Dragon Eyes is here!

Earlier this week we heard John Hyams' action-romp DRAGON EYES - starring JCVD and Peter Weller - will hit theaters and VOD this May courtesy of After Dark Action. Ladies and gents, it's time for you to see the three-and-half-minute restricted trailer for this sumbitch!

Slamming down May 11th:

St. Jude Square is a neighborhood living in fear and despair. The dueling gangs of local kingpins Dash and Antuan terrorize the streets and the citizens live without a shred of hope…until mysterious stranger Ryan Hong (Cung Le) arrives in town. He begins to play one gang against the other using his unparalleled martial arts skills, and by calling on the teachings of his brilliant mentor Tiano (Jean-Claude Van Damme) to find the strength to battle back. However, just as he begins to bring the community under control, Hong is confronted by Mr. V (Peter Weller), the town’s ruthless and corrupt police chief. At first Mr. V is impressed by Hong’s skill, but soon sees Hong as a threat to his regime, and the two warriors are locked in a head-to-head battle, pitting the fear and corruption of Mr. V’s regime versus the new beginning Hong represents for the people of St. Jude Square.


Extra Tidbit: You sold or what?
Source: AITH



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