3 new horror flicks from Fleur De Lis: Beautiful Evil, Room and Board & Carl

Now that this year's AFM has come to a close, we have a trio of horror joints from Fleur De Lis Film Studios to share with y'all. And not just any old horror flicks, we have names as knowable as Kane Hodder, Gary Daniels, Charles Durning, Robert Forster and Robert Loggia starring in these mofos. Got your attention?!

First up is a picture called BEAUTIFUL EVIL, directed by Asif Akbar from a script by BJ and Julia Davis. Yasmine Bleeth, Gary Daniels, Christopher Showerman, Charles Durning, Devanny Pinn, Tim Thomerson, Tommy Tiny Lister and Andy Lawrence are all set to star.

A taste of immortality in “Beautiful Evil” as the Hollywood Hills are littered with the bodies of Sunset Strip prostitutes. The ladies of the night are found decapitated, no remnants or traces of blood remain in their lifeless bodies. The LAPD are perplexed and Steve “Flash” Turner, a down and out paparazzi photographer is hoping his luck is about to change when he captures Beverly Hills socialite Baroness Von Siepold at a star studded event. Flash gets the shot, but the image of the Baroness does not transfer to the digital picture. No one will believe this sure shot photographer missed a photo-op as the body count continues to rise when the sun sets.

Next up is a flick called ROOM AND BOARD, which we last wrote about in October of 2011. The flick has since landed a new cast, synopsis and poster. Check it...

“Room and Board” comes alive a La Hermitage, with pure blood pumping through its veins. It’s a horrifying tale, based on a true story. Take an intimate look inside of a popular bed and breakfast, owned by the deceptively attractive group of Russian women. The meat-cleaving matriarch of a family dies, leaving her bloody legacy to gorgeous but conniving offspring. The mad mixture of black comedy and horror erupts, as marauding beauties cook up a delightfully horrific picture show. It’s full of twists and turns, complete with an unexpected ending that leaves the possibility of an expanding menu – and a sequel…

Robert Forster, Claudia Wells, Robert Loggia, Christopher Showerman, Tommy Tiny Lister, Kane Hodder, Brandon Slagle, Devanny Pinn, Asif Akbar, Lacy Guice, Miranda Davis, Issa Bayaua all appear.

Not to be outdone is CARL, the newest flick of the bunch. Greg Daniel directs from his own script. Peep the poster and break-down underneath:

Happy couple enjoys a romantic getaway weekend, when they unknowingly attract the attention of Carl. Their lives are torn apart, when Lisa disappears. She finds herself trapped and chained to a family in which Mamma's word is law and any disobedience has deadly consequences. These events plunge Lisa into the darkest depths of despair. To survive, she must force herself to show Carl she loves him, while holding on to the hope of escaping this hellish nightmare. As months pass, Mike has all but given up hope that he'll ever see his wife again. To relive the happy memories of their last days together, he revisits the small town of their romantic getaway and finds himself in Carl and Mamma's world...

So there you go, a lot going down from Fleur De Lis. Which of the three projects excites you most?

Extra Tidbit: Yasmeen Bleeth in the house? Jeesh!



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