A killer stalks a highway in Platinum Dunes' Big Rig

Joy Ride

Bragi F. Schut, writer of the Nicolas Cage film SEASON OF THE WITCH and Adam Robitel's upcoming THE MAZE, has sold an original pitch to Paramount Pictures called BIG RIG, and Platinum Dunes' Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form are attached to produce the film.

The story of BIG RIG is said to take "loose inspiration" from the "Highway of Tears" murders in Canada - from 1969 to 2011, somewhere between 19 to 40+ women have disappeared or been murdered on a 450 mile stretch of Highway 16 in British Columbia. Schut's pitch centers on 

a good trucker who runs afoul of the evil man who is responsible for the many deaths.

It's the trucking aspect that really has me interested in this project. My father was a truck driver (as was his father before him), so I grew up around trucks and would take long distance trips with him from time to time, living out of hotels and truck stops. Because of my familiarity with that life, I'm drawn to movies that deal with trucks in some way, whether it be thrillers like DUEL, BREAKDOWN, JOY RIDE, and ROAD GAMES, or a comedy like SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT.

BIG RIG is going to be about a truck driver, so I'll be watching it.

Exception: I don't watch the movies Michael Bay makes about trucks that transform.

Extra Tidbit: How does BIG RIG sound to you?
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