A24 releases teaser for mysterious untitled sci-fi film

A24 is pulling a trick out of J.J. Abrams' book here, and you know what? God bless em. Let's enjoy this mystery for a while.

So what is this? Maybe the answer is already out there, but at the moment I can't for the life of me figure out what the below teaser is, well, teasing. The distributor - which has been killing it lately with releases such as THE WITCH, GREEN ROOM and EX MACHINA - posted the below preview on their YouTube page earlier today but failed to provide anything beyond that. The video is called "untitled" and the only additional info is...

In our future.

Scant details, to be sure. One premature guess is EX MACHINA director Alex Garland's follow-up project ANNIHILATION, but that's only because the design of the world seen in this trailer brings to mind some EX MACHINA imagery. That said, what we know about ANNIHILATION doesn't really jibe with what we're seeing here.

Assuredly, the truth will be revealed in due time.

Extra Tidbit: Any ideas?



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