Adaptation of Japanese sci-fi novel Lord of the Sands of Time moves forward

You guys ever hear of the Japanese sci-fi novel TOKISUNA NO OU (THE LORD OF THE SANDS OF TIME)? Me either. But apparently producer Don Murphy has.

According to Variety the TRANSFORMERS and REAL STEEL producer is moving forward with an adaptation of Issui Ogawa's 2007 time-traveling novel. Peep the rundown for THE LORD OF THE SANDS OF TIME:

Time-travel war novel takes place in the 26th century after human life on Earth has been annihilated by alien invaders. Story follows a messenger who is sent back to the past to battle the aliens.

Murphy had the following to add on the project: "I see enormous potential in the unique and vast scale of this work and in the story that describes the love between a messenger from the future and the shaman queen of a bygone era."

It seems Michael Davis will be directing THE LORD OF THE SANDS OF TIME, thanks to Japanese advertising agency Dentsu and Hayakawa Publishing Corp. putting this one out there.

So what do you guys think? THE LORD OF THE SANDS OF TIME have some potential? Spit some bullets below and let us know if you're jiving with this one as we wait for more news regarding it's production.

REAL STEEL's Evangeline Lilly
Extra Tidbit: Davis will also be directing and producing MARDOCK SCRAMBLE, based on the popular novel by author Tow Ubukata. An animated adaptation was a box office hit in Japan, and the sequel will be released this fall. Story follows a young prostitute who acquires the ability to interfere with electronics and teams with a shape-shifting mouse to exact revenge on the crime boss who nearly killed her.
Source: Variety



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