AITH's JimmyO gets Zombified while on a Zombie Beer Run

In a time when the zombie apocalypse has begun, the only hope for humanity is… beer… or whatever alcohol that you can get your hands on. This is the premise behind the web series “Zombie Beer Run” featuring flesh eating undead and a bunch of drunken guys and gals attempting to stay anything but sober. You can check out the series website here .

JimmyO with Nick Mongoni, Jr.

When AITH was contacted by the series producer Nick Mongoni Jr. about taking a look at their inebriated version of the zombie sub-genre, we decided to pour ourselves a glass and drink it down. Written by Patrick Mahoney (who is also the series co-producer), this bit of ghoulishness focuses on the humor as opposed to the horror. Even still, these drunkards are having to blow an undead brain out or two.

JimmyO with Chris 'Fish' Shadley

Frankly, I’ve always been a fan of zombie flicks. From DAWN OF THE DEAD to SHAUN OF THE DEAD, and even “The Walking Dead,” I love zombies. So when Nick asked if I’d like to join in on the fun and appear in an episode, a horde of flesh eaters couldn’t keep me away.

Once I arrived on set, I met the crew including the director Chris Shadley who also directed the creepy feature NINE DEAD. The vibe on the set was not only very professional, but also very friendly. While I got the chance to meet the entire crew, I spent most of my time under the extremely capable hands of make-up artist Karin Laarka (as well as Victor Krone). Since I was about to be zombified, I’m happy to say that it would be by these two talented folk.

While I enjoyed my time getting my face and arms turned into an undead monster, the time finally came to shoot. I can honestly say that it was a terrific experience. There was a real sense of fun and passion coming from everybody involved. From the make-up to actual shoot, I had an absolute blast and frankly I love the finished project which you can check out below. My beer loving zombie turns up very late in the episode, yet I go out with a bang! Fun times indeed. So sit back, have a drink and check out the episode 1.5 of “Zombie Beer Run” – “FRIDGE OR DIE!”

Zombie Pose with Victor Krone, Karin Laarka, Nick Mongoni, Jr., JimmyO, Chris 'Fish' Shadley and Patrick Mahoney

Thanks again to the terrific crew of “Zombie Beer Run” who made this an awesomely fun experience. And of course, dig the AITH shirt I proudly sport… cuz even zombies love Arrow in the Head!

Source: AITH



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