Alien: Origins novel will link Prometheus & Covenant

We heard about a possible ALIEN: COVENANT sequel novel way back in January. The book was supposed to be a direct sequel to the new flick - which was just released this past weekend - and was to be called ALIEN COVENANT 2: THE OFFICIAL SEQUEL TO THE BLOCKBUSTER FILM.

Not the most creative title ever, but one could have assumed it was a working title.

All the same, the book was set for a September 26th, 2017 release date and then the news dried up on the book. I was very interested in the idea of this sequel novel - and more so now that I have seen ALIEN: COVENANT - so I have been on the look out for news anywhere I can find it. Turns out all I had to do was go straight to the source.

Author Alan Dean Foster was set to write the film's novelization along ith this supposed sequel novel. Now it turns out - via an update on Foster's personal website - that the sequel novel is not happening... instead, we will be getting a prequel!

The ALIEN: COVENANT prequel novel is called ALIEN: ORIGINS as is set to tell the story of what happened between the new flick and PROMETHEUS. 

Alan Dean Foster on ALIEN: ORIGINS:

...As for ALIEN: ORIGINS, the original novel that fits chronologically between PROMETHEUS and AC, in it I hope to have been able to have added a tiny bit to the canon. As always, I work as a combination author and fan, and I think (I hope) that comes through in the finished work.


Now I can only hope and pray that a vast majority of the novel will be centered on Shaw and David. I mean what else could it be about, right? I hope this is what the book covers, as I know that there is more to the David/Shaw story than what we got in COVENANT. I don't know why this is such a big deal to me but it is. I need to know more!

There is not currently a release date for ALIEN: ORIGINS but you can bet I will let you guys know as soon I hear anything further. Until then, check out Jake's 10/10 & Eric's 3/10 ALIEN: COVENANT reviews, along with Kill Counter: The Alien Quadrilogy.


Hot God, man, imagine their children.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think David's true feelings for Shaw were?



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