Amazon Studios releases supernatural comic Blackburn Burrow, feature film eyed

How about digital comics as source material for feature films? That the next trend?

Amazon Studios thinks so, as it's currently "testing the film waters" with the supernatural digital comic BLACKBURN BURROW. The comic was released online today, and as a way to get direct feedback, the studio is outright asking if you'd like to see a full length film made out of the material. Might be a wise move.

In BLACKBURN BURROW: Follow Mister, the legendary fighter rumored to take on the strange and supernatural, as he investigates the disappearance of a group of soldiers from a small town in the south. When last heard from, the soldiers spoke of the walking dead - and a mysterious man Mister has been tracking all his life. Mister teams with Merrin, a young female survivor, to stop an ancient uprising and discover the family secret that connects his past to the small town of Blackburn Burrow.

Blackburn Burrow is a supernatural horror tale set in Civil War America based on an original screenplay by writer Jay Levy.

Ghastly travails set to the backdrop of the Civil War? Can't front on that!

As for the format, I don't know how to feel. I'm not a huge comic-head to begin with, and anytime the move toward digital further endangers the fate of celluloid, I panic. That said, this could be a new, unavoidable avenue of generating new stories. Who knows how it'll all pan out, but you think it a good or bad thing?

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Source: Deadline



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