American Horror Story Season 7 Official Title will be announced July 20th

Well, it looks like the title of the new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY isn't ELECTION.

At least maybe not... I'm a bit confused, but this is Ryan Murphy we're talking about so that's bound to happen. The gist of all of this is that Murphy took to Twitter and let us all know that the 7th season's title will be announced on July 20th.

Which, again, is confusing because I thought we were all in agreement that it was called AHS: ELECTION. Was that just a rumor that got out of hand? Whatever the case may be, yes, supposedly we will not only learn the title for the new season come July 20th (at Comic Con?) but Murphy teases that, once revealed, the title will make "everything make sense." But I doubt that.

Here is the big man's tweet:

So, yeah, there it is. Make of it what you will, but I'm probably at this point hopeless to ever call the new season anything other than AHS: ELECTION. That shite is already burned into my brain. But we'll see. I mean if they end up calling it AHS: EPIC MASH-UP OF EVERY GODDAMN SEASON THUS FAR that might get my attention.

Whatever the new title is, we'll know soon so make sure to keep checking back with AITH and we'll let you know what we know asap. Until then let us know what theme YOU'D like to see AHS take on at some point on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

AHS: SOMETHING OR ANOTHER stars Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Billy Eichner, Bille Lourd, and Alison Pill and is set to premiere later this year on FX.


Extra Tidbit: What theme would you like to see AHS tackle?
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