An Exorcism of the Dead will be performed on DVD in May

Exorcism of the Dead John Migliore

John Migliore got his start in the entertainment industry by working as a zombie extra on such films as RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE, LAND OF THE DEAD, and SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD. Since then, he has gone on to rack up over 70 screen credits, and has also written and directed several projects himself.

Migliore's latest film is EXORCISM OF THE DEAD, which Wild Eye Releasing will be giving a DVD release on May 28th.

Said to explore the idea that "death provides no escape from the forces of evil", the movie tells the story of 

Candace, a deeply troubled young woman who is possessed by an ambitious demon. Her family has tried every conventional method to heal her, but both medicine and psychology have failed. As a last resort, they reach out for aid from the church. They are unaware that the priest who arrives to deal with the situation has his own dark secrets.

Sarah Swerid stars as Candace. Her co-stars include Nick Biskupek and Rich Piatkowski.

A trailer for EXORCISM OF THE DEAD can be seen below. If this looks like something you'd like to check out, copies of the DVD can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

Exorcism of the Dead

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