An extended cut of Evil Dead 2013 may be coming to Blu-ray

Evil Dead Fede Alvarez Jane Levy

When the EVIL DEAD remake came out in 2013, director Fede Alvarez said his preferred cut of the film is the one that made it to theatres and is currently available on home video. While that is the director's cut, fans have long been aware that there is also an extended cut out there - in fact, it has been airing on television in the UK from time to time over the last year and a half, apparently because the networks were accidentally provided the wrong cut of the film.

According to Movie-Censorship.com, the extended cut has twenty-seven differences that add up to make it about four minutes and fifty seconds longer than the theatrical/director's cut. These differences include an additional scene during the end credits.

During a recent interview with Altapeli, Alvarez (whose second feature DON'T BREATHE is currently in theatres) revealed that fans may soon be able to own an official release of the extended cut. He told the site an extended cut Blu-ray is in the works and may be available as soon as this Halloween.

Based on Sam Raimi's classic THE EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2013 begins when 

five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.

Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Elizabeth Blackmore, and Jessica Lucas star.

Evil Dead Fede Alvarez Jane Levy

Extra Tidbit: Will you be buying the extended cut Blu-ray?



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