Arnold Schwarzenegger 'very involved' with The Legend of Conan; latest updates

Back in July we had heard that 'the constellation is aligning' for Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the iconic role of Conan with THE LEGEND OF CONAN moving forward with producer Fredrick Malmberg updating that screenwriting duties had recently fallen into the hands of the team behind the recent FAST & FURIOUS entries with the hope of starting a whole new franchise. Now the fine folks over at TheArnoldFans have gotten a new update from Malmberg that shares Schwarzenegger's involvement in the early stages of development, stating...

"Arnold is following the development closely (to The Legend of Conan), and he is very involved with the story development at this stage."

That gives us high hopes because if anyone knows where to take the character of Conan from here, it's Conan himself! Malmberg went on to share...

"He (Schwarzenegger) would go straight from filming Terminator to the Conan set. The top creative team is working very hard to deliver a great story. Things are looking good and we have a fantastic support from Universal Studios." 

And if anyone has any doubts about Schwarzenegger stepping back into his iconic role due to his age, the bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-politician had this to say...

“Age doesn’t mean anything to me, because I work out every day. I work out twice a day, as a matter of fact. At night I work out with weights, and in the morning I do cardiovascular training. So for me, to get on the set and to swing the sword around again and to ride the horses and all those things doesn’t mean anything [does not scare me], because I feel like I did thirty years ago. So as long as I stay in shape, that’s the key thing, and to keep your body young. Even though you do feel the pain when you wipe out and when you do your fight scenes and you get more sore and the body doesn’t come back as quickly and all this . . . but just grind through it, you know? That’s what it’s all about!”

Good. The fans want this to be Arnold's movie, and he seems adamant to deliver no matter the cost. Besides, Schwarzenegger is probably in better shape than 95% of the people half his age, so I'm not too concerned that he won't be able to deliver the kind of physical performance we all want to see.

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited to see Arnold return to the role of CONAN?
Source: TheArnoldFans



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