Ashley Scott & Ivan Sergei are Unstable in Michael Feifer's new stalker thriller

Y'all know who Michael Feifer is?

Sure you do...the guy who directed a whole spate of schlocky B-movies, TV flicks and direct-to-disc fare...the likes of which include B.T.K., THE GRAVEYARD, GRIM REAPER, DRIFTER: HENRY LEE LUCAS, and a whole bunch more? Yeah well the dude has three new films in the can, with another one currently filming. That sound UNSTABLE to you?!?

UNSTABLE is Feifer's new thriller, starring Ashley Scott (below) and Ivan Sergei. The flick is of the mysterious stalker type, courtesy of Starz Media. We have the synopsis, promo poster and trailer for you to scope out below.

Written by Michael De La Torre:

Kristen and her son Oliver have just moved into a gorgeous new neighborhood. Recently divorced, Kristen is anxious to help Oliver adjust to the new life and environment. They meet Justin, a handsome and intriguing ex-soccer star who wows Kristen with his good looks and fun-loving spirit. Despite warnings from her ex-husband JASON, she hires Justin as a caretaker for Oliver and offers to let him live in her guest house. But Kristen is being stalked by someone who knows she is new to the neighborhood. Strange and dangerous things begin happening and no one can be trusted. Did Kristen make a big mistake letting Justin into their lives? As an intricate web of lies and deceit unfolds, it’s up to Kristen to protect herself and her family.

George Newbern, Max Charles, Jay Pickett, Natalia Baron, Daniel Ringey and Bruce Van Patten also star in the film.

Extra Tidbit: Nothing unstable about Ms. Scott's booty, ay?
Source: Starz Media



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