Awesome teaser and poster for Gray Matter, a short based on Stephen King's short story

Now this looks very special indeed. Red Clark has produced a short film based on Stephen King's "Gray Matter", which first appeared in his anthology collection "Night Shift." A new poster and teaser trailer for the short - which stars indie horror great Larry Fessenden and features oodles of great practical effects - have arrived, and both are extremely cool. Check out the goods below!

A group of locals at a liquor store brave a storm to check on Richie (Fessenden), a regular customer who hasn't left his house in months and - according to his terrified son - has been slowly "changing shape." What waits for them in the house, in the dark, is beyond their wildest nightmares.

We're going to have to wait and see when "Gray Matter" will be released, but according to the teaser it will be in the Fall of this year. So maybe by Halloween?!

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to "Gray Matter"?
Source: Red Clark



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