BBC's Intruders sets Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Stamm to direct; John Simm will star

Back in October we let you know that the BBC was planning an eight-episode TV series adaptation of Michael Marshall's crime-horror book THE INTRUDERS, with Glen Morgan ("The X-Files") acting as writer and executive producer. Now the network has set two notable directors the helm the show, while also attaching a lead actor.

Eduardo Sanchez (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT) and Daniel Stamm (THE LAST EXORCISM) have come aboard to direct INTRUDERS, according to a press release. Meanwhile, British thespian John Simm ("Dr. Who"; pictured above) will tackle the lead role of LAPD officer Jack Whalen.

Here is the book's synopsis:

Jack Whalen was an LAPD patrol cop for twelve years. He left under a cloud and now he's not sure what he is. One thing he does know is that he loves his wife, Amy. So when she goes missing on a routine business trip to Seattle, Jack sets out to seaarch for her, only to discover something far more mysterious is going on.

Jack is contacted by a childhood acquaintance, Gary Fisher. Fisher, now a lawyer, wants help in solving a puzzle thrown up by a business man's will - but is there more to Gary's sudden reappearance in Jack's life than he's letting on?

Meanwhile a ten-year-old girl goes missing after an encounter with a sinister stranger. It gradually becomes clear, however, that she's very far from defenseless... Searching for answers in the dark secrets of a past that still haunts him, Jack discovers that the truth has roots deeper and darker than he ever feared.

Production on INTRUDERS begins this winter.

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