Behind the Mask sequel/prequel will be an 8-part comic series!

Say what you will about all of the sequels, prequels, remakes, etc. that flood our genre year in and year out, I think one issue we can all agree on is that there NEEDS to be a sequel, prequel, remake, whatever to is the cult classic faux-documentary slasher flick BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON.

Well, it turns out that we may be getting just that! Not in the form of a new film however, at least not yet. The new version of LESLIE VERNON will be hitting us via the comic book medium, and that sounds f*cking fine to me!

The title of the campaign is: Before the Mask: the Return of Leslie Vernon Comic The Sequel/Prequel/Remake #spreemake you've been begging for, in an 8 part comic series! Haha. I like the use of the hashtag #spreemake. Nice touch for the digital era. Can't wait to see how Leslie Vernon handles things like Twitter.

The comic currently has a little over $3,000 raised already by 35 backers. That is 17% of the $18,000 flexible goal they are looking to hit.

Rundown per the campaign:

You've been dying to know what happened to Leslie Vernon after you saw him pop back up in the morgue during the end credits of Behind the Mask and here's your chance! The screenplay for our sequel, Before the Mask: the Return of Leslie Vernon is being transposed into a comic series and we are ready to unleash it on you, our fans!

The number of 1st edition 1st printing issues will be limited to the number of pre-orders via this campaign ONLY (exception of a handful to cast/crew/family/friends).

Probably the most interesting perk to the campaign is the highest perk (duh.) in which, with a donation of $500 or more, you get your own likeness as a character in the upcoming comic. Interesting...

You can check out all the other sweet perks, and contribute to the campaign yourself/pre-order your own copy of the comic RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Will you contributing to the campaign?
Source: IndieGoGo



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