Boundless Pictures options Timeless script from Zombie Diaries creator

Boundless Pictures principals Courtney Lauren Penn and Brandon Burrows announced on Tuesday that the production company has optioned the dark sci-fi/time-travel script TIMELESS, written by THE ZOMBIE DIARIES trilogy writer-director Michael Bartlett.

The story is set in London in a dystopian future where a hit man is fatally addicted to a street drug that allows him to time travel. He works for a crime boss who makes him perform hits throughout time in hopes of traveling back to right the one wrong that haunts him: his inability to save the life of his first love.

Boundless co-founder Courtney Lauren Penn says of the script for TIMELESS...

Addiction alters inner perceptions, influences the mind and plays interesting games with memory. Discovering Michael’s script brings that interior struggle to life with pulse-pounding action."

Bartlett, along with Kevin Gates, co-wrote and co-directed the 2006 British indie THE ZOMBIE DIARIES.

We'll keep you posted on news regarding TIMELESS as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite time-travel themed film?



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