Bradley James scores a villainous role in Underworld 5

The fifth film in the action-horror series, UNDERWORLD: NEXT GENERATION is looking to cast some fresh faces. The first newbie to join the team is Bradley James (iZombie, Merlin), who will also portray the antichrist Damien in the A&E series of the same name and is evidently a professional head toucher. Seriously, Google the guy. About half the available pictures of him either involve him staring straight into the lens like he's about to murder the camera person, or stroking his own hair.

But that's beside the point. Bradley James will be following up his Damien performance with another villainous role, though character details are thin on the ground at the moment.

James will be joining returning cast members Kate Beckinsale and Theo James (DIVERGENT) in the film, which will be shooting in Prague next month under the direction of Anna Foerster (Criminal Minds). Look for UNDERWORLD: NEXT GENERATION on October 21, 2016.

Bradley James' hand in its natural habitat
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Source: Deadline



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