Bruce Willis thriller Wake shut down indefinitely

Bad news for the Bruce Willis-Ben Kingsley thriller WAKE, which we last told you about in February: Deadline is reporting the film has been shut down indefinitely, with Willis (and likely everyone else) leaving the project for good.

The reason for this disappointing news is financial (isn't it usually?). According to Deadline, one of the producers of the film would not stand down from the picture, which was contingent in negotiations with other financiers. That, combined with a small window of time they had to shoot the picture, has resulted in the film being nixed. It was originally supposed to start production in March.

WAKE tells the story of Red Forrester (Willis), a sociopath with no fear, who returns to his childhood home on a remote island for his brother's wake. When the island comes under siege, Red must save the very family that banished him from his ancestral home years ago.

Kingsley was to play Kole, this film's powerful antagonist. Ellen Burstyn and Piper Perabo were also recently cast, but none are expected to return if the flick gets put back together again. Director John Pogue (THE QUIET ONES) is also gone. Deadline says the best case scenario sees the project being revived in a year's time, presumably with a new team.

Piper Perabo

Source: Deadline



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